It's About TIME!

Finally Putting The Pieces Together!

Scheduling is more than just a calendar. It’s a tool for transparently coordinating care and activities in each encounter with a patient.

iionPractice helps by supporting your unique work preferences, and allows you to personalize everything from chart formats to tracking patient tasks and sending them reminders.

Care Plans come alive with activities for Patients, progress tracking, monitoring and reporting. Patients are more actively engaged in reporting and monitoring their own progress.

Communications should not end at the office door. iionPractice allows care to continue between sessions through secure messaging, SMS texting, and journaling applications, all of which are automatically charted for you.

An automatic billing system that takes care of each completed encounter means less time spent at the keyboard and more time spent with your patients.

Here at iionHealth, we have moved beyond “practice management” to provider managed care, making the provider-patient relationship the #1 focus of the application.


100% Responsive

It’s not about installing software; it’s about using it! All iionHealth applications work on virtually any device, from desktop to smartphone, and are compatible with all browsers. No software installs, no changes, no hassles. Just access.


24/7, 365 days a year, your information is there whenever and wherever you need it. We use world leading data centers and make sure everything is duplicated across the country, meaning you have secure access no matter what.

User Centric

Software should work for the user, not the other way around. From concept to delivery, the voices of providers and patients are the first we listen to.


iionPractice is designed to work the way you want it to, and was made with the user in mind. You won’t need any extensive training or lead time to easily use and understand the application.


From HIPAA and HITECH, to PCI, your data is secured from end to end. The most secure browser certificate available guarantees total data encryption, meaning your patient information is completely private.


iionPractice is only as successful as our users. Designed by providers for providers means we are here to ensure your success. Our support team is available by phone, text or email.


Practice / Patient Management

Built from the ground up to not just “record” and “document” but to facilitate!

We know you did not go to school to be an administrator, you went because you wanted to be a caregiver and work with people, not computers!

From scheduling to billing, tasks are intuitive and information always at your fingertips. Called contextual intuitive design (“CDI”), we put all the information you need when and where you will use it. No wandering around across countless tabs clicking on everything to find information.

Finally practice management the way you want it.

Built from the ground up to not only record and document, but to facilitate! From scheduling to billing, tasks are intuitive and and information is always at your fingertips. Using contextual intuitive design (CDI), we put all the information you need exactly where you will use it. No hunting down information, no aimless clicking, no confusion. With modules for patient administration, scheduling, activity planning, and billing, we have integrated all the complexity of managing your patients and practice into a single accessible world. Finally, practice management the way you want it.

See Care Focused Technology in Action!


Patient Centric Access

Your relationship with a patient does not end at your office door. Care is a continuum of service and attention that extends beyond the four walls. Shouldn’t your patient management software do that as well?

Communicating with your patient through the iionLife portal is as easy as sending an email, and provides the full security and confidentiality that your patients expect.

For the first time, a true dialog is created between the patient and the provider through the patient’s ability to journal their personal feelings, moods, and eating patterns outside of limited session time. This also allows the provider with the means to create a quantitative model for each patient based on assigned online assessments and mood samplings.

See the World as Your Patients Will