At Your Fingertips

Instantly see your practice at a glance, from your schedule, to your activities, to your patients.

From your home page you can immediatedly manage the nuances of your practice witthout having to navigate endless pages and lists. Clicking on any of the items will automatically transport you to all of the important information you need in order to be productive.

With one click you can:

  • Add a patient
  • Manage your encounter schedule
  • Act on an activity or complete it
  • Add a chart note to any patient
  • Send a patient a confidential message
  • and so much more!

You control the practice, not the other way around!

I Want Total Visibility


A Complete View

Your calendar should be more than just a means of tracking time. The iionHealth system supports you by remembering your billing preferences, patient schedule, and availability, making scheduling encounters, meetings, and tasks exponentially easier.

As you work with iionPractice, the system learns your preferences and acts to make things simpler and easier each time. With just a few clicks, a patient is scheduled, and preferred reminders will be sent out to help them prepare for their time with you.

This all means that you can spend more of your time with patients and less time handling the technical details that the app will take care of for you.

I Want My Calendar to Get To Work


Keeping on Task

With all the demands of a behavioral health practice today, it is difficult to keep every aspect of your practice straight and get all of your work done at the same time. IionHealth helps you by providing a system where activities can be assigned to patients and are instantly manageable from the patient’s portal.

No more forgetting to complete your charts, contact insurance companies, or submit reports. Using automated alerts, iionPractice helps you keep track of activities. Additional reminders and quick links within your activity list make even things like remembering to close that last encounter just one click away.

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