How the “machine works”

Below are some of the key features and functions of the iionHealth platform answering the question users ask most. Still have a question? We would love to hear it! We are constantly seeking input from users and potential users on what they need. It’s by listening that we learn how to make Care Enabled come true!

Practice Management

All iionHealth applications are designed from the ground up to meet and exceed all the security and confidentiality requirements set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH), and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Your data is stored in fully encrypted databases, and encryption is enforced across the internet with SSL-EV, because the confidentiality of your information is our primary concern.

Scheduling is not just blocking off time for a Patient and potentially reserving office space. It should be the stepping off point for the entire to application to apply processes and resources transparently to the Provider to ensure the delivery of services end to end.

From automate reminders based on Patient preferences to billing processes to activity reminders for patients. Likewise, automated alerts and system process make sure you never miss a step in the processes. From completing the charts, automated billing generation and open aging reminders. The application focuses on the paperwork so you focus on the patients.

Although iionHealth applications are not "accounting packages", we will generate invoices, track payments, and generate statements for you. That way, it is easy for you to simply generate the accounting summary report for your accountants at the end of the month.

With iionHealth, service billing is as simple as click and print. Once provider and patient preferences are set, service billing becomes transparent and can generate walkout statements as part of the Daily Planner printing. Completing an encounter likewise ensures that billing is correct and can be applied as a simple step in the process, rather than as another task to be done.

Imagine a "To Do" list that can create entries based on what you are doing, as well as remove them as soon as they are complete. The iionHealth activity tracking system can do all of the above, and more! If you have not completed an encounter after it was scheduled, automated reminders will let you know how to complete it with a single click.

Patient Management

Patient encounters are the central focus of any practice, which means there is usually an endless list of tasks associated with managing them. Encounter Management tracks and supports all facets of the encounter process, from scheduling, to billing, to authorization, so you can focus on the encounter itself, not the paperwork surrounding it.

With iionPractice, private process notes have never been easier.Keeping up with all HIPAA security requirements, we maintain all of the separation and access restrictions for you. Simply mark the note as “Private”, and everything else will be taken care of for you, eliminating the need for extra files or file cabinets.

All of your Private notes can be accessed when you review your patient charts, and when others view the chart, your private notes are never included or indicated.

Until now, email has been the primary means of communication and information exchange between provider and patient. Although it is easy to use and accessible to almost anyone, many email systems are not as secure as one would need when it comes to the task of exchanging sensitive information. iionHealth Messaging offers you and your patients the ease of email, but without the insecurity, as messages never leave the security of the iionHeath application. Patients can simply click on the message in their email, which takes them to the iionLife Patient Portal so that they can view the message text and respond privately.

Often, providers will assign tasks or reminders to their patients in order to help them keep up their progress in a care plan. Whether these tasks are administrative or care-based, the Patient Portal can help a patient keep up with their progress by sending automatic reminders, tracking their tasks, and allowing them to add their own activities.

At the heart of the therapeutic process is the Care Plan. From diagnosis to activities, the care plan is a road map shared by the provider and the patient that is followed to bring about lasting solutions.

By providing an intuitive planning tool and applying quantitative techniques to progress reporting, the iionHealth care plan systems treat the plan as not only a living document, but also as a leading indicator of the benefits of care vs technology-centric focus.

The premise of any assessment tool, from Kessler 6/10 to PHQ-9, is basically the same: enable the provider to more easily plan and guide care with a means of quantifiable measurement. Assessments can be generated in whatever format works best for your personalized care plan, whether that means using simple paper forms, online forms to be completed in session, or take-home forms sent to the patient through the patient portal.

From tracking time spent on each question to comparative analysis of assessments over time, the storage of assessment results allows the provider to make informed decisions on care, which is a key factor in the core design of iionHealth’s assessment engine.

Public domain assessment tools are freely available and supported within the system. If there are specific assessments not yet supported let us know. A support specialist can work to get the assessment integrated and made available.

iionHealth is currently working with a number of assessment tool providers to integrate their tools and scoring mechanisms into our tool on a per use basis. Your only cost is the assessed fee the providers apply.

By utilizing the iionHealth application the results and analysis data is available when and where you need it. Additionally, as with all assessment tools time based analytics are part of the answer when the same assessment is applied over time to a patient.

Setting up new patients has never been easier. Enter basic demographic information and the patient’s email address and the system will do the rest.

Sending an email invitation to connect through the iionLife Portal, your patients will be walked through the Patient Intake Wizard and prompted to complete all of the information. Once complete the Provider is notified so they can review all of the information prior to the next patient visit.

Patient Portal

iionPractice and iionLife Portal together provide a secure and confidential “email” messaging between providers and patients.

In addition to creating a venue for discussion outside of the office, All messages are automatically added to the patient chart history further ensuring a complete record of all interactions automatically.

Providing personal records, mood journals, or food diaries, patients can record their activities thoughts and feelings from any device that can access the internet! Likewise, patient entries can be tracked, read and commented on by the provider at any time.

Patients can securely upload documents, electronic forms, and more throught the iionLife Portal in a way that makes it easy for you to access and review them.

Never forget an appointment again! Both from the portal as well as through standard email reminders help keep patients on track, and on time!

Often, there is more than just one person involved in a care program, including other providers or family members. Patients can invite others to participate in their journey by voluntarily allowing them to access their entries in the Patient Portal.

Through the portal, the patient’s care plan, activities, and goals are clearly displayed for the patient’s reference. Effort on each activity can be tracked and recorded to help encourage successful progress as the patient continues with the plan.

As each encounter is completed, statements and invoices are automatically generated and made available through the iionLife Portal for the patient to access.

Now, you can upload any documents and reference materials that you would like to provide your patients with directly to a provider-curated library of self-help materials, which patients can access on demand.

Questions? We are hear to help...

Questions? We want to hear you!

The goal of our applications are based on needs of Providers and Patients and how we can help them focus on the keys of care and not the keys on the keyboard.

Your thoughts, questions and suggestions are vital to the success of that goal.

Join the conversation! We look forward to learning from you soon.