Care Enabled A New Direction

“All I want to do is more paperwork.”… Said no one. Ever!

Today, technology can do just about anything to make our lives better, simpler, and more connected. Unfortunately for care providers, much of that technology has been out of reach and cost prohibitive, making it difficult to keep up with the rapidly advancing digital world. Now, care providers can access the technology that they need through iionHhealth. We are focused on only one thing: leveraging technologies to support the process of care.

Realizing that the goal of a care practice management system is to support the patient-provider relationship and not just to record and chart data has opened up a whole new world for us. We turned our attention to creating systems that utilize the ability of technology to learn and adapt in order to work with the unique needs of a behavioral health care practice. We listened to providers like you in order to more fully understand what behavioral health specialists need to keep a successful care practice running. Then, we used technology designed specifically for care planning to address the needs of providers and patients. The result was a new behavioral health record that exponentially expanded the information available to the provider, without any unnecessary technical work on their part.

Finally, behavioral health practitioners can access software that helps, not intrudes into the way you run your practice. Truly- Care Enabled.


Our Key Features

Responsive Design

It is not about installing software; it’s about using it! All iionHealth applications work on virtually any device from desktop to smartphone and any browser from Chrome to Safari. No software installs, No changes, No hassles. Just access.


7 x 24 x 365 – Your information is there when you need it. Using world leading data centers and making sure everything is duplicated across the country means you have access no matter what.

User Centric

Software needs to work FOR the user not the other way around. From concept to delivery the voice of providers and patients is the first one we listen to.


Designed how you think not how our developers code means it just works. With no extensive training or lead times to get ready.

Fully Supported

We are only a “click or call away”. We know that managing your practice is critical and we are here to make it simple and convenient.


From HIPAA and HITECH to PCI your data is secured from end to end. Starting with the most secure browser certificate to total data encryption. Your patient information is secure.