Everything When and Where You Need It

Once crucial element in successful management of patient information is getting all the facts and data you need so that you can craft the answers.

From demographics and charts to historical information and accounts, everything on the page is right where it should be, meaning time can be spent with patients instead of trying to find something on the computer.

With one click, you can access:

  • Patient Demographics and Insurance
  • Encounter History
  • Charts and Notes
  • Messages and Texts
  • Personal, Food and Mood Journals
  • Personal and Family Medical History
  • and so much more!

Spend less time searching for information and more acting on it.!

I Need My Data Now!


The Center of the Patient/Provider World

When it comes to behavioral health, it is the time spent with patients in encounters that matters most. That’s why patient encounters are the central focus of our application.

From chart notes and private notes, to scheduling and even billing, everything is right where you need it to be. This eliminates the time it would have taken to hunt down this information, allowing you to focus on the needs at the center of your world instead of on the software.

Put Me In The Center


Charts and Charting
The key to Care History

Whether you enjoy charting or not, it is not something that needs to be dreaded! With iionPractice, charting formats and records are under your control.

We provide the chart format that fits your practice and your needs, no matter if it’s a simple narrative, SOAP, or DAP format. Additionally, notes can be marked as “private”, which limits access to the text of the note to only the Provider who entered it. This privacy is taken very seriously, and there is no need to keep two sets of books!

Let Me At Those Charts!


Care Plans
The Roadmap to Recovery

Care planning is much more than just a documentation of effort. For iionPractice, care plans can become the framework of a new level of interactive provider controlled care.

As care plan activities and goals are publishable directly to the patient through the iionLife portal, goals can become truly interactive 24/7. PAtients can see and annotate their progress at any time, from anywhere, in order to continue working towards specific goals.

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