Patient Support
Is Just a Click Away!

What happens when your patients leave the office? How do you keep up with their progress and activities? How do you remind them of “the plan” and coach their success?

Through the iionLife Patient Portal, you can continue care by keeping up the dialog with your patients. With tools like the messaging system, journal, and activity tracking available on even a smartphone, patients can access a support system whenever and wherever they need it!

The added ability for you to post encouragements, reference documents, assign assessments, and more from home further extends your reach and efforts. That way, you can focus on delivering more care without additional costs.

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Confidential Messaging

Give your patients the ease of email with the comfort of total confidentiality. The message exchange system is not only fully HIPAA compliant, but all messages automatically become part of the secure patient records.


Whether you’re focusing on personal records, mood journals, or food diaries, keeping the information current, active, and available allows you to review entries outside of session time so you can spend more time with patients.


Patients can securely upload documents, electronic forms, and more in a way that makes it easy for you to access and review them.


Never forget an appointment again! iionHealth’s patient scheduling system provides easy ways for you to remind patients of upcoming meetings. Optionally, you can also allow patients to schedule with you at their own convenience.

Community of Care

Often, there is more than just one person involved in a care program, including other providers or family members. Patients can invite others to participate in their journey by voluntarily allowing them to access their entries in the Patient Portal.

Care Plan

Through the portal, the patient’s care plan, activities, and goals are clearly displayed for the patient’s reference. Effort on each activity can be tracked and recorded to help encourage successful progress as the patient continues with the plan.


Patient charges, statements, and payment history are always available in the portal. Being able to print a charge or statement on demand makes the tasks of both staying informed and keeping current easier.

Reference Library

Now, you can upload any documents and reference materials that you would like to provide your patients with directly to a provider-curated library of self-help materials, which patients can access on demand.